The Mission

To inform, entertain and engage our audience while promoting the ideals of traditional American values. Those values are rooted in personal liberty, entreprenuerialism, a belief in a higher power and a strong central family unit.

The Vision

We passionately believe that that the time has come to offer alternatives to the progressive/Marxist run tech platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Netflix, etc… to right-thinking individuals. By combining a social media platform that refuses to censor Constitutionally-protected free speech, a video network for independent journalists, opinion vloggers and entertainers, an e-commerce platform that prioritizes American-made / Veteran-owned goods and services, with sound business fundamentals we are giving people a real choice. Not a lesser of evils choice.

The Culture

We are committed to building a common culture through all of our verticles and subsidiaries. The company’s core values are ones that can be universally embraced. Our company is built on 7 core values which are as follows:

1. Integrity, Trust, Respect and Professionalism
2. Profitability
3. Passion and Enthusiasm
4. Extraordinary Service
5. Team Work
6. Loyalty
7. Hard Work with Excellence