Donate To Save Freedom Of Speech On Social Media

Whether it's $1, $10, $100 or more, your donation is used to assure that your voice is always heard. If you have ever been in social media jail, had your content demonetized or have been shadow banned, you understand why we HAD to create Spreely. Our platform is completely self funded. No big-corporate donors, no secret investors, just two American entrepreneurs that have risked their life's savings to make this site possible.


Where did Spreely come from?

Spreely was created by two regular guys who were banished from Facebook for promoting ideas that the powers-that-be decided were too controversial. In an effort to provide a haven for the free exchange of thought, a new social media site for free people was born. Too many legacy sites and tech tyrants have manipulated their platforms to inhibit free thinking and gerry-rig what is seen and said. Not on Spreely. You will never be considered a thought criminal.


Where The 1st Amendment Is The Community Standard