Doug Billings


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Doug Billings

Doug paid his way through college at UMKC (Univ of Missouri at Kansas City) working in local Kansas City radio. Spent a short time in radio in Wilmington, NC. Left Radio to study for Catholic priesthood. After an incredible 2 years, went back to UMKC to earn a Master’s degree in education.

Spent 3 years teaching high school English and Theology. Eventually went to corporate America and worked in Human Resources in the hospital arena. Rose through the ranks and became Vice President of HR.

When Covid hit, Doug  knew death and infection numbers were highly inflated, because he had access to data from hospitals across the country.

When the executive committee asked him to create corporate-wide policies that would require mandatory masks, distancing and the postponement of preventative care, he presented the data and refused to create unnecessary and potentially dangerous policies.

He was fired two weeks later in November of 2019.