American Gulag Chronicles

The American Gulag Chronicles

Help Raise Money For J6 Prisoners

The brand-new book, American Gulag Chronicles published by Tim Rivers, provides an uncensored look at what is happening to those arrested and detained on January 6th. 

The book features letters written by the incarcerated themselves, of experiences over the past two years while they were locked away and denied due process under our laws. The letters express their horror at being held in a prison cell with no access to basic amenities such as soap or toilet paper.

Through these writings, readers gain insight into both how our criminal justice system works (or fails) when faced with politically charged cases such as this one. These letters are raw and powerful reminders of why we must continue fighting for justice and freedom.

The American Gulag Chronicles: Writings From Inside The DC Prison System, gives voice to those who cannot speak out themselves, offering a view into life as a DC J6 prisoner that few even know exists. 

This gross inequality can no longer be tolerated!  

We invite everyone to join us in supporting these prisoners’ rights by purchasing The American Gulag Chronicles:

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The funds raised through donations will go directly towards supporting legal fees incurred by those arrested at the Capitol Building on January 6th 2021. While other platforms collect a fee associated with crowdfunding, Funding Free Speech has agreed not to take ANY portion of your donation to the J6 prisoners. We want to ensure every penny goes to getting these men and women out of jail.

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