About Spreely

Everyone has been asking for someone to create a site that is like Facebook, but is dedicated to preserving freedom of speech and user choice.  Well, I have some good news, we did it and, it’s now here … introducing …. Spreely.com [Speak Freely]


Americans have clearly had enough of these Silicon Valley technocrats and their God complexes. I do not care which side of the isle you are on, I think we can all agree that we do not need someone else telling us what we can, and can not read.  Because of Facebook, and their counterparts, insatiable desire for power, money and influence, most of their users have been begging for someone to start a new social network, similar to Facebook in function but which vows to protect the free speech rights of ALL people and lets each user determine the make up of their newsfeed.  Despite being two average guys of modest means, Terry and I answered that call and created Spreely.com.

Over the last 2 years the Silicon Valley based, social media oligopoly, has teamed up with other totalitarian tech giants to form a “Speech Cartel” dead set on controlling every piece of information consumed on the internet.  Americans have had enough and are fleeing platforms like Facebook in droves. Forbes reports that since Facebook began restricting users’ ability to control their newsfeeds, out right deleting the majority of independent political publishers, greatly reducing the reach of and  using “false news” as a pretext to shadow ban the most popular political activism pages and blogs by as much as 99%, traffic to the once beloved site has decreased by a whopping 50%.

Spreely.com is the social media site for free people. Spreely was created by people who were deplatformed and severely shadow banned from Facebook because of their publishing of political content.  Facebook took our money, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then, without warning, deleted over a dozen of our and our partners pages, resulting in us losing nearly 12,000,000 fans.  All this mere weeks before the midterm elections!  We were not alone, on October 11th during what has come to be known as “the Purge” Facebook deleted 559 pages and 251 user profiles of political activists, independent media outlets and citizen journalists.  While there were a hand full of left wing sites taken down such as Reverb Press and The Resistance, some police accountability pages, and some “anarch-libertarian” pages such as The Free Thought Project & The Anti-Media, this list complied by Western Journal shows the vast majority of the pages were right leaning and supportive of President Trump.  The mainstream media largely glossed over the event, which made sense as they were in competition with these pages for eyeballs and “The Purge” severed their interests too. When we complained they told us “Facebook is a private company, if you do not like it, build your own platform” … so that is exactly what we did.

With our backs against the wall and our publishing businesses either slaughtered in cold blood, or shadow banned by 90-99% depending on the day, Terry and I knew that something had to be done.  We had been toying with the idea of starting a social network based on the ideals of freedom of speech and user choice ever since Facebook had begun to crush our reach shortly following the 2016 Presidential Election.  We had already begun work on the platform and secured the URL and rights to the name Spreely [Speak Freely].

Spreely is the social network for free people.  Our promise to our users is simple: absolutely no censorship of Constitutionally protected political speech, regardless of viewpoint, and users will always be in control of their newsfeeds.  Terry is a conservative and I, a libertarian, we do not apologize for this, but you also have our word that we will NEVER censor anyone based on viewpoint.  Everyone is welcome on Spreely to come and express their ideas, on what is without a doubt the modern day public square, the internet.   Spreely is not just for political discussions, everyone is welcome on Spreely and there are pages and groups about all types of topics on Spreely.  One a few, limited kinds of content is not permitted and we will discuss this later on.

The second ideal which is core to Spreely’s mission is user choice.  People are fleeing Facebook in droves because they no longer are seeing the content they signed up to see in their news feeds.  This is why Spreely allows user to choose from over a dozen predefined newsfeeds, as well as letting users create their own feeds, made up of the pages, groups, friends, channels, etc that each users wants to see.  At the end of the day, Spreely is dedicated to ensuring that user sees the content that the user wants to see, and who knows what each individual users wants better than … that user themselves?

Users Get To Choose Their Newsfeed On Spreely.com

“All Updates”, “Posts”, “Friends”, “Pages”, “Groups”, “Videos”, “Photos” etc., each one of these words represents a different newsfeed you can choose from. The contents of each one is self explanatory. You can even select “More”, the scroll down and select “create a list”, and proceed to tell Spreely what you want in your feed. You are free to create as many custom feeds, or “Lists”, as you like.

The major reservations people tend to have about “Free Speech” forums is the threat of bad actors.  This is why Spreely.com, not only lets users determine who and what are, and are not, in their feeds, Spreely gives users the ability to block or hide any member, group or page they do not wish to see. Log in to Spreely.com and simply click the 3 dots on the top right of any post, and select “Hide All By …” and you will no longer see any posts by the person, page or group you chose to block.

Click the 3 dots at the top right of any post, then select “Hide All By …” to block all future posts by this entity in your feed

You can also block any user you wish not to see by traveling to their profile page, by clicking on their name, and selecting “Others” then “Block Member”.   This will achieve the same result as using the method previously listed but will only work for user profiles, not pages or groups.

“Others” >>> “Block Member” will prevent this user from ever appearing on your screen again.

There are certain things that even Spreely.com does not allow.  One of these things is calls for violence or threats of violence.  Why?  Because calling for action that includes violence is dangerous, and it’s illegal.  Spreely is a place to debate, organize and express yourself, not a place to plan to, or threaten to carry out criminal acts, especially those which include violence.  Do not call for violence or you will find yourself no longer a member of our community.

Pornography, nudity or overtly sexual content is not welcome on Spreely.  There are thousands of sites on the net for this kind of content, and if that is what you are after we suggest you visit one of them.  Spreely is a forum for the preservation of everyone’s God given right to express their opinions and speak freely.  Furthermore, allowing this kind of content gives the app stores an excuse to remove our apps, which is the last thing we want to give them. By the way, if you post child pornography you can be sure we will do everything in our power to ensure the police find you and you are prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law.

If you see a post that is porn, nude images, overtly sexually pictures or cartoons, someone calling for violence or someone committing fraud please report them to us at once. These reports are 100% confidential. We need your help policing the bad actors on the platform.

Fraud, is another no no.  Do not come on Spreely and try to defraud our members by pretending to be someone you are not. Do not try to take advantage of people and ask them for money.  You can read our full list of terms here.  Please keep in mind there are boiler plate and we will do a better job of flushing them out and tailoring them to our mission as we go forward, but you have our word, your political speech shall be defended, regardless of viewpoint.

The Spreely app for Android phones is currently in the Google play store, you can download it here.  We submitted the Spreely app for Apple products about 6 weeks ago and are still yet to hear back.  We will keep pressing them but in the meanwhile we are working on other solutions that should allow Iphone and Ipad users to access the mobile site and use it as if the mobile site was the app.

Terry and I are just two ordinary men, we are not rich, we are not special, we just chose to say “enough is enough” and decided, hey let’s take on this trillion dollar speech cartel … what the heck can possibly go wrong?!  We make mistakes, but we fix them as soon as we are alerted to them.  We will be the first to tell everyone that Spreely is not perfect, we need your help to make Spreely.com the best it can be.  If you come across and error, have a suggestion or a question please email me at admin@spreely.com and I would be happy to discuss your idea for the site with you or walk you though a problem you may be having.  We are relying on you to help us find the issues with the site as quickly as we can so that we can fix them and provide you with the quality of experience that you deserve.  At the end of the day, this is the only way we will achieve our #1 goal: making Spreely.com exactly what the users want