Our Verticals

Cost Club

Save Money & Save America

At Cost Club we are proactively working to reverse the trend of globalism and off-shoring. We will return our nation to a self-reliant manufacturing and farming powerhouse. Wherever possible we source products from American producers and service providers while still offering you the best possible prices.

The Range

You Are Home

Range Broadcasting is a new generation media business dedicated to providing a balanced news source, inspiring testimonials, thoughtful opinions and wholesome entertainment that is rooted in traditional American values. Our vision is to provide citizens with an alternative source for content, outside the filters of the corporate media propagandists.

Spreely Social

The Social Network For Free People

Spreely was created by two regular guys who were banished from Facebook for promoting ideas that the powers-that-be decided were too controversial. In an effort to provide a haven for the free exchange of thought, a new social media site for free people was born. Too many legacy sites and tech tyrants have manipulated their platforms to inhibit free thinking and gerry-rig what is seen and said. Not on Spreely. You will never be considered a thought criminal.

EVault Video

Content is King, so we built a castle.

We grew tired of legacy technology platforms removing our videos and demonetizing our content because it didn’t comport with their social-justice world view. Now our content is fortified against their attacks on First Amendment rights.

Ad Revv

Building sustainable business environments for content creators and advertisers

AdRevv takes on the role of your exclusive ad manager and lets you focus on what you do best.

We’ve built our ad technology free of the burden of legacy ad networks. It’s future proof and ready to grow.