Rocci Stucci Show


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Rocci Stucci

Rocci is much more than a radio host. Rocci, also known as ” The Emotional Meatball”, is a leader who delivers high-energy and emotion-filled discussions that challenge audiences to leverage their focus on attention to what matters most in life.

Rocci is a true leader with passion, motivating his audiences to elevate their visions to new heights.

Rocci speaks passionately about many of the challenges he has endured in his life. He speaks on many subjects, but possesses a hard stance on Bullying, Addiction, and the Power of Intent.

People across the globe have been inspired by his intestinal fortitude; and his work continues to touch audiences from every walk of life. Packed with power, emotion, and always a bit of fun, Rocci shares his inspirational stories that he considers to be ‘still in progress’ today.

After you have a simple conversation with The Meatball or listen and watch him speak publicly, you will walk away motivated, inspired, and ready to take on the world.